financial inclusion

We believe that everyone deserves financial liberty, so we took it upon ourselves to act as an enabler platform for added-value financial-footprint acceleration, aiming at unlocking financial inclusion opportunities to the underserved & unbanked sector in the Egyptian community.

Our story

Cashcall has adopted a forward-thinking strategy by building a unique data-driven tech infrastructure, offering practical, clear-use products/services that cater to specific citizen clusters.

Board of members

We are believers

We like to believe that everyone deserves a shot of financial freedom, and from this belief,
stemmed the idea to create an Inclusive Financial Multi-purpose platform.

H.E. Ashraf Salman

Engy ElSabban
Vice Chairman

Ahmed Mahrous
Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Michel Kilzi
Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Mohamed Farouk
CEO Mobica

Hussien ELRefaie

Karim Ashram

 Introducing new
financial dimensions!

The Dream

Creating a new dimension
for money!

To create added value from
the data in order to develop
that win-win situation
for all parties.

The Destination

We’re aiming for

To be the first choice
financial enabler for
non-financial institutions
and individuals

The Road

Revolutionizing the way of
bringing global financial
inclusion experience to the
Egyptian market.