data-first financial

Cashcall Open Finance platform is a data-driven enabler of access to non-banking financial services for the underserved and unbanked marginalized community.

Fully automated banking
Financial Services

The platform enables fully automated access to Micro Finance, Consumer Lending, saving products, and Micro Insurance through a full suite of state of the art functionalities:

  • Onboarding / KYC &Alternative Profiling
  • Automated underwriting system
  • Income Imputation models
  • Loan Disbursement
  • Data-driven Alternative Credit Scoring
  • Collection & Feedback loop
  • Data-driven Risk modeling

Building an interconnected data-first financial ecosystem, where unbanked people can confidently use financial services for the first time

New alternative sources of non-bank financial information can help financial innovators get a wider view of the population’s real financial activity and needs. One that actually describes their daily transactions, even if they don’t take place in a bank.

Aggregated and enriched data can be injected into new disruptive scoring models that go beyond traditional credit scoring.

Predictive models help in assessing a customer’s ability and willingness to pay back a loan.

The feedback loops linked to those models will improve accuracy over time, continually enrich every profile and refine the scoring models.