Enrich your
Business with
Online Payments

We believe that everyone deserves financial liberty, so we took it upon ourselves to act as an enabler platform for added-value financial-footprint acceleration, aiming at unlocking financial inclusion opportunities to the underserved & unbanked sector in the Egyptian community.

Improving your efficiency

Not only does Cashcall provide digital payment services to facilitate cashless payments for your business, but today Cashcall helps improve your efficiency with a broad spectrum of solutions catered to your business needs.

Cashcall’s Cash Collection services help increase your efficiency and lower your cash management costs with a convenient solution that capitalizes on Cashcall’s extensive network of POS machines in thousands of merchant locations. Cashcall directly empowers FMCG suppliers and distributors by letting them collect their payments faster and propels their merchants through an improved inventory replenishment cycle.

Through its Open Finance platform Cashcall facilitate access to Micro Finance and Retail Working capital finance (merchandizing-loans solutions) to support business growth and operational cash flow. Merchants can grow their business with Cashcall’s customized solutions to secure their daily, weekly and monthly capital needs with a smooth repayment experience.

What’s in it for the
 FMCG company?

Faster collection,
more sales


Improved working
capital for merchants


Lower cash
management costs


Less fraud
and loss


What’s in it for

Working capital
boost for inventory





Less hassle of cash